Furnace Tending Tools

Storvik have developed tools in special cast material for skimming and stirring of Casthouse furnaces.

Stirring tool

The stirring tools have proven 35 days lifetime in continuous usage in a 350 000 tons pr year Casthouse, compared with normally 4-5 days for regular steel blades. With a low buying price for the stir tool this provides a great reduction of TCO for the end customers. The stir tool is designed to be gentle with the refractory lining in the furnace and due to its high lifetime it will automatically provide less iron contamination into the aluminium melt compared with regular steel blades. The stirring tool is proven on several vehicles (wheeled loader, FTV, Glama vehicle, Hencon vehicle and fork lifts).

Skimming tool

The skim blades provided by Storvik is designed to be gentle on the lining, the shape provides less metal in the dross and the special material quality increases the lifetime considerably compared with regular steel blades, the skimming tools have a proven lifetime of 6 months in constant usage in the Casthouse.

Both tools are designed to make switching of the blades easy, with only a two-bolt connection between the blade and the adaptor pipe.

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