About ferro alloy and si-metal

Storvik has worked closely with industrial leader such as Elkem through many years. We have participated in several improvement projects with aim to increase lifetime of cast iron consumables such as moulds and pans.

Storvik have also delivered equipment and turnkey solutions for optimizing our customers target for increased automation and handling.


Storviks’s main goal is to plan, coordinate and execute all projects in an efficient and balanced manner in close cooperation with the customer.


All the company’s projects are done in accordance with the HSEQA policy and customers’ expectations and requirements. Storvik’s ambition is to provide customers with the best technology available.

Cast products

Our cast products delivered to the industry are exposed to high temperatures and thermal stress.

Project management

The industry sees Storvik as a partner for delivery of engineering services and turn key projects.

Maintenance and revisions

Our experience from other process industry has been valuable for us and the customers when we have participated in revision projects towards the ferro industry.