The fresh water in Norway comes from the tap without any need of cleaning or filter. In all our activities we pay effort to minimize the use of fresh water in our daily operation, we have close to zero emission directly to water.


Our operation is based on renewable Hydro Power.


Storvik has a Zero injuries policy, our continued focus on HSE and targeted safety activities has resulted in an industrial low level of injuries and no fatalities.

Recycling of scrap

In our daily business we have agreements with the local community and contractors for handling and recycling of steel, paper, was, etc.

Social responsibility

Sponsoring clubs and sports activities in our local communities.


We strive to find projects which improves the sustainability and increases profit to our customers in our industry, a milestone project worth mentioning is where we replace the use of steel by aluminium. This project has several positive effects on our environment:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Lower weight, reduces emissions connect to transport
  • Replace steel with aluminium which is a more sustainable metal
  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts by use of green energy source from hydro power