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Our Global Presence

The map shows our different office locations and clients


Stein Kjartan Vik

CEO Storvik Group

Dag Sverre Sæsbøe

Managing Director Storvik AS / Vice President Storvik Group

Siri Sande

Marketing Manager

Randi Elisabeth Leangen

CFO Storvik Group

Malin Gjerde

Human Resources

Solveig Sæther

Head of HSEQA Storvik Group

Emil Koht-Tøfte

Head of IT

Viktor Røsand

Pre-sales Manager

Maarten Gerhard Meijer

Senior Business Developer


Veronica Danielsen

Managing Director Storvik Mosjøen AS

Tommy Sunde

Foreman (welding)

Stian Lillemo

Foreman (mechanical)

Cast Products

Ronny Reitan

Area (department)Manager Cast Products

Irena Galanová

Managing Director Storvik Products s.r.o.

Prague, Czech Republic

Helgi Magnusson

Managing Director Storvik Iceland

Sigve Bakken Berntsen

Order Coordinator Cast Products

Marek Varadinek

Executive Sales Director North America

Machine Building & Fabrication

Inge Haugen

Head of Fabrication

Petter Nikolaisen

Manager - Machine building

Ivar Nerdal

Technical Purchasing Officer

Project & Engineering

Anita Walør Heggem

Head of Project & Engineering


Gunnar T. Gravem

Senior Process Engineer

Bert Pasop

Technical Manager, Project & Engineering



Ole Ivar Kvande

Operations Manager Workshops

Gjermund Hyldbakk

Supervisor (workshop and cathode boxes)

Stian Blåsberg

Supervisor (machining workshop)

Lars Bjørbekk

Administrative supervisor

Jan Widar Brekken

Supervisor (conveyor belts & transport tubes)

Bjørn Gravem

Senior Goods & Order Coordinator

Vivian Nyland

Goods & Order Coordinator

Pål Gunnar Hanssen

Purchase Officer

John-Steinar Solstad Alme

Supervisor (foundry / wharf)

Magne Haugen

Supervisor (workshop)