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proven lifetime

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anodes / hour

Reasons to select our solution

  • Consistent anode height and density*
  • More homogeneous conditions in electrolysis – no cracking
  • Scalable system with optionally multiple compactors
  • Tested and verified for use in high current electrolysis cells
  • A proven technology enhanced through several generations
  • Easy exchange of mould for producing different anode types

State of the art anode production technology

High Capacity

Up to 36 anodes/hour

Short vibration time (22-30 sec)

Compact design

Practical fit for both new and existing facilities

Less infrastructure needed for support

Customized production

Interchangeable mould packages

Operates with a wide degree of paste qualities

Easy maintenance

Few moving parts

Easy access

Produced anode quality

Low resistance in electrolysis results in higher current throughput

Consistent quality results in low amount of scrap

Low maintenance cost

Robust machinery ensure less downtime and higher production output

Less maintenance need results in less manhours needed and spare part costs

Automated operation

Machinery is fully automated in normal operation. Only two operators is needed for operational safety and control

Robust and reliable machinery

  • Few moving parts make a more robust machine. «Uninstalled equipment will never break!»
  • A maintenance friendly design reduce maintenance and spare parts cost and increase availability.

Compactor main components

Main compactor body isolated from floor with 12 rubber dampeners

Two paste bins each equipped with load cells and hopper hatches

Main yoke with central vibration unit and air spring yokes at each end

Interchangable mould package consisting of vacuum box, weight and mould

CarboMaster™ Software Benefits

  • Sophisticated control system (PLC and CarboMaster software working together)
  • Prevention of overvibration and subsequent microcracks
  • Reduced deviations in anode height, weight and density resulting in:
    • Increased anode lifetime in electrolysis
    • Homogenous conditions in electrolysis
  • CarboMaster™ has been developed through decades of operational experience.


Existing customers:

RUSAL – Volgograd plant, Russia
Hydro Aluminium Årdal, Norway
Hydro Aluminium Sunndal, Norway

Storvik AS has a license agreement with Hydro Aluminium world wide for sales and manufacturing of the HAL vibrocompactor with CarboMaster system

In development since 1957 (First generation)

Contact Information

Gunnar T. Gravem

Technical representative

Viktor Røsand

Sales representative

General contact

Storvik Headquarters Industriveien 13, N-6600 Sunndalsøra Norway

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