Storvik supplies moulds for casting of aluminium ingots and sows.

The molds are cast from a proprietary steel alloy named PiN-DP. The alloy is developed by Storvik to provide increased lifetime compared with standard alloys in the market. The proprietary alloy is known for its low carbon content to increase the resistivity towards thermal stress/shock.

Storvik has the capability of simulating the thermal stresses implied on the moulds during the casting process and hereby give recommendations of design and material quality.


Storvik has a great focus on sustainability, responsible consumption and production and hereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Extended lifetime and reduced cost of ownership
High quality material alloy
Design capabilities and process knowledge
Global logistic concepts and consignment stock
Storvik’s focus is to provide clients with cost-effective, long-term solutions. We pride ourselves in having a global network ensuring timely deliveries worldwide. Storvik continuously strive to be innovative and adopt to market developments. Storvik is your improvement partner.

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