Metal and Bath Tapping System (Crucibles)

Storvik designs and manufacture metal and bath tapping system for our customers.

Bath tapping system

Our bath tapping system can be used with forklifts or special vehicles and consists of a steel crucible with a cast iron lining. The cast iron lining is made in our PjN-G which is a proprietary alloy developed for increase lifetime. To use cast iron lining instead of traditional refractory material increases the lifetime with typical 2-3 times. Our bath tapping system also consist of a cast iron lid with no need for refractory material. Our cast iron lid provides a significantly higher lifetime compared with traditional steel lids with refractory material in addition to reduced OPEX.

Metal tapping system

Our metal tapping system mainly consist of a cast iron lid,. The reference lid was a welded steel lid with refractory protection, it was also a very low distance between the surface of the liquid aluminium and the lid. Proven increase of lifetime from 12 to 18 months. The metal tapping system also consists of metal tapping tubes in various design and we have reached about 4500 tons of metal pr tapping tube. Our newes design is a tube with rotation were you can tap and discharge the metal into the same pipe which gives a considerable saving in dross formation when discharging the metal into the casthouse furnace.

Other equipment

In addition to crucibles, lid and tapping pipes we supply the following equipment for the tapping process

  • Crucible cleaning machine
  • Pipe cleaning equipment (remotely controlled from operators’ cabin)
  • Tapping and discharge pipes
  • Cleaning of the outside surface of discharge tubes

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