Products for Electrolysis

Thanks to many years of experience combined with process knowledge Storvik offers project deliveries, machinery, maintenance, and modification services. 

 Production of primary aluminium happens in the electrolysis. Storvik has great process knowledge cross many smelters and technologies which contributes to our improvement processes. Our location close to Hydro Aluminium Sunndal and Alcoa Mosjøen is valuable and a core to our continuous development 

We perform maintenance of cathode potshells, anode yokes, anode superstructures, crust breakers and other equipment for the electrolysis since more than 40 years. 

Storvik delivers a wide range of machinery and equipment for the electrolysis such as anode yokes, silos, maintenance, crucible cleaning machine, tapping equipment, cleaning of metal and bath tapping pipes. 

Metal Tapping and Discharge

Storvik is a specialist in metal and bath tapping, we supply a wide range of products with the aim to improve the tapping and maintenance operation. In more than 30 years Storvik has provided the industry with crucibles, lids, tapping consumables and solutions.

With use of our proprietary grey iron alloy PjN-G we reduce the total cost of ownership for the customers. Latest development is us of grey iron lids which eliminates the need of refractory lining and increases the lifetime performance with proven 60%.

Storvik can design and certify crucibles and lids according to pressure directive.

Product portfolio

  • Metal and bath tapping lid
  •  Crucibles for bath and metal
  •  Cast iron lining for bath crucibles
  •  Tapping consumables
  •  Crucible cleaning machines
  •  Equipment for cleaning of tapping pipes
  • Unique solution for metal filling in furnace

Tapping and Discharge Tube Cleaning

The multi-functional tapping and discharge machine is operated with remote control from the vehicle. Cleaning og full length straight tapping tubes, with no need to disassemble the tubes between the flanges.

It also offers cleaning of the discharge pipe in a separate station, which is also remote controlled from the vehicle. The equipment is installed and proven in several aluminium smelters.


  •  Increased HSE
  •  Hot and cold cleaning of tubes
  •  Cleaning of full-length tubes
  •  Operated from vehicle or remote control
  •  Total cleaning time 3-5 minutes
  •  Multi-functional for tapping and discharge tubes
  •  Extended tube lifetime

Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Machine

The pneumatic tube cleaning machine (Storvik PTCM) is delivered with separate compressor to achieve good air pressure and secure best performance of the machine and optimal cleaning of tubes.

The PTCM is remotely controlled by operator and clean several tube lengths. The machine can be placed in an area close to the potroom to achieve optimal logistic for the metal transport. 

We also supply the unit as plug and play with minimal requirements for installation costs. 


  • Cleaning of full-length tubes with radius
  • Cleaning of hot and cold tubes 
  • Remotely controlled 
  • Cleaning time 3-6 minutes 
  • Metal and bath tapping tubes 
  • Low operational costs 
  • Low installation costs 

Crucible Cleaning Machine

Storvik delivers several automatic and manual systems for cleaning of hot and cold metal and bath crucibles. Storvik has standard solutions and customized equipment. Our equipment is installed in several locations worldwide. A feasibility study with focus on functionality, degree of automatization, operational and capital costs is advised before selecting the correct equipment for cleaning of crucibles.  


  • Hot cleaning 
  • Gentle towards refractory lining 
  • Semi-automatic operation 
  • Controlled from vehicle 
  • Cleaning sequence typical 12-15 minutes 
  • Adaptable to crane, forklift or special vehicle 
  • Emptying rest metal in separate bin 
  • Full profile drilling 
  • Integrated maintenance platform 

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